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The Step by Step Guide

Importing a car from Japan, can seem complicated and confusing.

We aim to take the worry and stress out of the process by working with you from start to finish.


Here are the steps involved in importing your next car from Japan 



1. Firstly we ask you to complete our Registration Form, This way we know what type(s) of vehicle(s) your looking for as well as budget and shipping details




2. Once we have reviewed your information we will forward you some examples of what is available within your budget that we believe meet your requirements.


3. Once you have decided on a vehicle you wish to go for,  we will require a bidding deposit 

Deposits can be made via Bank Transfer or Paypal (Fee is applicable to customer)


When this has been paid we will inspect the vehicle and provide you with a full report of the vehicle together with detailed pictures and our recomendations.

After which if your happy to proceed we will bid on the vehicle.



4. Once We have won your car we will require the total cost of the vehicle, less your deposit.

Once this payment has been made your vehicle will be transported from the auction to our secure compound, where it will be further inspected and road tested. We will also submit the paperwork to the Japanese Authority to deregister the car and book the shipping on the first available vessel.


Once we have have a confirmed booking we will invoice you for the shipping costs.


Full details of the vessel are emailed to you once the boat has left, together with tracking details.




5. Shipping generally takes 6-8 weeks

Two weeks prior to your vehicles arrival we will invoice you for the landing fees



6. Once your car has arrived we will contact you to arrange collection or organise delivery if this has been *paid for, (*contact us for prices)

On receipt of your car it will need an MOT and to be registered with the DVLA, Again if you have opted for us to arrange this on your behalf, then you will be advised when the car has been registered.


We do suggest that on receipt of your vehicle you insure it, There are various insurers who will insure it under its Vin number, until your registration comes through.


Lastly if you have booked for us to service the vehicle this will be done whilst awaiting the registration.


When bidding the price you bid is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the vehicle shipped to the UK with VAT, duty, our fee and all other associated import costs paid.

(EXC Transport from port to us/you) 

If the car sells for less than your maximum bid then this will be what you pay.


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