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Q: How much does it cost to import a car from Japan to the UK ?

A: Obviously costs vary according to purchase price, But here is an Example 

Car costs £5000 at Auction inc auction fees

Japan Agent Fee £500

Shipping & Insurance £650

Import Duty £615

VAT £1353

Agent Release Fee (Clearance) £200

First Choice Car Imports Fee £500

Total Landed price £8820 ,

On top of this there are other costings that you need to be a where of, Vehicle will need to be collected from the port, You can do this yourself providing car is insured and is driven to MOT garage, Or you can arrange to have the vehicle collected from the port, We have our own flat bead truck so can quote you for this (From 80p per miles). Vehicle can be delivered right to your door or  if you have opted for us to convert and arrange mot then will be taken to our secure unit.

Now the car is here you will need to have an MOT done if car is over 10 years old. If its under 10 years then it needs whats called an IVA test this is more in depth and more expensive (Contact us for more info)

Most cars that require an MOT will need to have a rear fog light fitted,its also whilst not a requirement to have the car converted to mph ( We offer this facility from £99)

Lastly the DVLA charge £55 to register the vehicle plus 6/12 months road tax. We complete all the paperwork on your behalf within our fee, exc the DVLA fees

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